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About TYPO3Buddy

Who is TYPO3Buddy?

TYPO3Buddy RonaldTYPO3Buddy is a project by Ronald Eijkman. He is building, managing and maintaining TYPO3 websites since 2008. In the process he also has passed the TYPO3 CMS Integrator certification exam, which emphasizes his TYPO3 expertise. The TYPO3Buddy website started as a personal project, it actually was one big cheat sheet to make the development of other TYPO3 based websites a lot easier.

In 2011 Ronald decided to share his knowledge by putting the TYPO3Buddy website online. Back then it was part of his personal website, but in 2013 the website got its own domain; typo3buddy.com.

Thank you for using TYPO3buddy!

This website is the result of a lot of hard work and years of experience. If you decide to rebuild this website, please read our terms of use. If you like the project, you can help by linking back to the TYPO3Buddy website. You can also use the Donate button on the right to express your gratitude in a financial way and help to cover the endless efforts to create and maintain this website, as well as the server and hosting costs.

Questions and comments

General questions about TYPO3 will not be answered directly. There are plenty of tutorials out there. Questions and comments about the content on this site will be read, and, if useful, be used to rewrite the content to be even more helpful. If you read any stuff that could have been explained better or you read something that's not correct at all, please let me know!

Contact TYPO3Buddy

You can contact TYPO3Buddy by sending an email to typo3buddy-monkey-tail-gmail-dot-com.

The TYPO3Buddy website is a tutorial to rebuild the TYPO3Buddy website from scratch. You can choose from a TYPO3 Fluid tutorial and a TYPO3 Templavoila tutorial. You'll build TYPO3 websites like you've done so for years!

Kind reminder! This tutorial has been tested with and updated for TYPO3 v10. Please keep in mind that the tutorial has once been set up for TYPO3 v6. It follows some deprecated conventions. If so, this will be mentioned in the tutorial.