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TYPO3Buddy: tutorial to build a TYPO3 website

What is TYPO3?

TYPO3 is one of the more advanced content management systems (CMS) for web based applications. TYPO3 is a good choice, because it's flexible, it has many users thus high maintenance and a dedicated community. It is however known to be difficult to learn. TYPO3Buddy tries to end that, or at least pave a way to start developing with TYPO3.

What's TYPO3Buddy about?

The purpose of the TYPO3Buddy website is to document how to rebuild the TYPO3Buddy website from scratch with TYPO3 and Fluid or the Templavoila extension in either a Windows or a Linux environment. Both with Apache, MySQL and PHP installed. It's a TYPO3 tutorial: a beginners' guide as well as a reference for more advanced developers. Read more...

Fluid, Templavoila or traditional templating?

TYPO3Buddy offers two methods of templating. One is Templavoila, which is old but once used for many projects. The other is Fluid, TYPO3's next generation templating engine. If you plan on using TYPO3 for a long time, Fluid may be the better choice. For a traditional templating tutorial you'll need to search the internet for a while, as it won't be covered on this website.

What do I need to start?

We assume you have a web server and MySQL server up and running and some working knowledge regarding web server setup, including the configuration of a virtual host. A passion for fine web based technology would be welcome. If you don't have that yet, you will get it, as TYPO3 is one of the best CMS'es in the world. You start, of course, with the installation of TYPO3. After that you'll cover the basics.

Thank you for thanking TYPO3buddy!

This website is the result of a lot of hard work and years of experience. If you decide to rebuild this website, please help the project by linking back to the TYPO3Buddy website. You can also use the Donate button on the right to express your gratitude in a financial way and help to cover the effort as well as server and hosting costs.

People and companies who have contributed to TYPO3Buddy are on the contributors' page. Do you also want to be mentioned on this page? Please consider a donation. If you'd like to include a link to your (company) website, please let me know through the description field of your payment or by sending an email. Either way, thanks!

The TYPO3Buddy website is a tutorial to rebuild the TYPO3Buddy website from scratch. You can choose from a TYPO3 Fluid tutorial and a TYPO3 Templavoila tutorial. You'll build TYPO3 websites like you've done so for years!