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TYPO3 Fluid: Create a backend layout

By default, you start with a 4 column backend layout; left, normal, right, border. When you click on Page and then on the home page, you'll see the 4 columns:

TYPO3 Fluid tutorial: default backend layout - TYPO3Buddy website tutorial

You need to make sure that you can add content in the backend for the content_main part and for that part only. So you'll need to create a custom backend layout. To do this, click on list, click on the "storage folder" and click on the green plus at the top of the content window to add a new content element and choose "backend layout":

TYPO3 Create a backend layout record - TYPO3Buddy website tutorial

You'll name this backend layout "Main 1 column with menu" and put the following code in the "Config" box:

backend_layout {
    colCount = 1
    rowCount = 1
    rows {
        1 {
            columns {
                1 {
                    name = Content main (with menu)
                    colPos = 0

You'll end up with:

TYPO3 Edit backend layout - TYPO3Buddy website tutorial

Save by clicking one of the save icons.

Next step: make sure all page of your website use this backend layout ->

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