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Typoscript constants

When you use the same data in different typoscript templates, it's nice to know there's a way that you don't have to update this data in the different templates. Just update it once in a central place. Let's say you want to hide content based on your IP address. First step is to put this data in the constants section of your main typoscript template.

iphome =

Whenever you want to use this data in a typoscript template, you'll use {$iphome} in the setup part of the typoscript template. The following script won't show certain content when the IP address is or

[IP =,{$iphome}]
# do nothing
lib.header = HTML
lib.header.value (
    <script type="text/javascript">somescript;</script>
    <p>Show content</p>
    <p>And some more content</p>

More information on Typoscript constants here.

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