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Underline and strike in RTE?

Do you miss the underline or even the strike option in the Rich Text Editor (RTE)? Yeah, me too, although the <u>,<s> and <strike> tags have been deprecated since HTML4 in favor of css (use the text-decoration style property instead).

To enable the underline and strike options, put this in TSConfig of the root page:

# RTE config
#lib.parseFunc_RTE.allowTags = script,object,embed,param,b,i,u,a,img,br,div,center,pre,font,hr,sub,sup,p,strong,em,li,ul,ol,blockquote,strike,span,h1,h2,h3
RTE.default.defaultLinkTarget = _self

# activate underline option in RTE
RTE.default.proc.entryHTMLparser_db.removeTags := removeFromList(u)
RTE.default.FE.proc < RTE.default.proc
RTE.default.removeTags := removeFromList(u)
RTE.default.showButtons := addToList(underline)
RTE.default.FE < RTE.default
RTE.default {
    removeTags = center, o:p, sdfield, strike
    proc.entryHTMLparser_db.removeTags = center, o:p, sdfield, strike

    # make sure the website css is used in the RTE:
    contentCSS = fileadmin/templates/css/styles.css

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